CFS 2018 - "The Trailfinders South African Wine Estate"

CFS 5-2.jpg

Vacker och tilltalande var "The Trailfinders South African Wine Estate". Trädgården som designats av Jonathan Snow vann "Silver Gilt".

"The winelands of South Africa’s Western Cape are instantly recognisable and strikingly beautiful. This garden is a snapshot of a traditional South African wine estate. A charming Cape Dutch homestead with a terracotta-tiled terrace leads down steps into a formal, romantic garden, then through a gate to a vineyard. Beyond the vineyard is a representation of the wild and beautiful fynbos landscape.

Plants of the fynbos including agapanthus, gladioli, kniphofias and pelargoniums are shown growing in their natural environment – among an evergreen, leathery-leaved Mediterranean-type shrubland with occasional splashes of bright colours and exotic-looking flowers. In contrast, the manicured, domestic garden contains calmer, softer tones with more lush, fresh foliage. Representing an area of recently burnt fynbos, bright bulbs, seedlings and resprouting plants can be seen growing among the blackened remains of older vegetation."

En bildkavalkad följer:

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I dag ska jag ha finbesök från Danmark i min trädgård. Det ska bli supertrevligt och jag hoppas de har överseende med vissa delar av trädgården...

Ha en riktigt fin onsdag!